John Paillé,
Portrait photographer.

He first picked up a camera in high school and his interest in photography grew from there. John attending Algonquin College where he studied photography before relocating to Toronto to work in the commercial photo industry where he has worked for almost 10 years.

With a focus on portraiture, John enjoys the challenge of trying to capture a persons authentic self through his photography. John is of mixed Anishnaabe (First Nations), and French Canadian heritage which as created inspired his interest in photographing Indigenous Peoples and cultures.

With experience photographing Indigenous Peoples in several countries around the world, John hopes to showcase images of contemporary Indigenous Peoples as part of mainstream society, and not textbooks.

Clients have included: Canadian Art magazine, Consulate General of Canada - Sydney, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Aboriginal Professional Association of Canada, Canadian Dimension magazine, Frontier College, ImagineNative Film Festival, Winda Film Festival, among many others.


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